Minutiae · August 29, 2005

I kicked their tail!

Covenant, Flood, all of 343 Guilty Spark’s annoying Sentinels – I kicked all their tails and took names! Woot!

Okay, so I know that Halo is old news. Yes, I know it’s a 2003 game – I only found out about it a month ago.

Yes, I know there are those whiz kids that can go through a whole game in hours, instead of weeks like me. C’mon already! (Besides, those creepy Flood were so scary that after my first encounter with them I stepped away from the game for almost a week!)

I made it out – alive! (well, I DID get killed several times – but you can’t keep a good Master Chief down that way!)

This is only the second First Person Shooter I’ve made it all the way through – Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the first – and it took me forever to learn my way around it. Wolfenstein was scary too – but I think the Flood in Halo are worse.

I really like Halo – I think I’ll go back in again, with the difficulty level set all the way up to “Legendary”.

C’mon Covenant – “Get up so I can school you again!”

One down, another 20 million to go… Whee!