Humor / religion · February 10, 2006

Islamic wackiness forces the addition of more comics at the Calladus Blog

As you may be able to tell from my Double Standards entry, and my Religious Criticism or Humor entry, I really don’t believe that there is anything special about religion, anybody’s religion, that makes it inherently immune from being criticized, or laughed at.

The Muhammad Comic controversy that has followers of Islam raging around the world right now is, in my opinion, merely an excuse for the fanatical to do what they would have done anyway. The more moderate, intelligent Muslims have been calling for a more rational response. I admire that. As a skeptic, I also admire that Islam has historically discouraged pseudoscience and encouraged real science, unlike Christianity.

I find it a shame that Islam, like Christianity, has been given a black eye by rabid fundamentalists. At the same time I can’t help but think fundamentalism is inevitable in any religion that bases its tenets on a book or books written thousands of years ago by people who still thought the Earth was flat. It really is as silly as a cult fanatically insisting that Superman is real, and persecuting all who dare disagree.

The Humanist Network News e-zine hosts a regular comic called “Freethunk” created by cartoonist Jeff Swenson. I found this week’s cartoon funny and appropriate to the current silliness. I’m including it here by Jeff’s gracious permission. In fact, I’m so taken with Jeff’s “Freethunk” cartoon, that I’ve added his cartoon to my sidebar to the right, also by his permission. It should update weekly, so I’ll see how that works next week. If it doesn’t update it will probably be due to my less than expert HTML coding.

So enjoy the comic. Better yet, click on the comic in my sidebar to go straight to Jeff’s site and read all his other comics. If you’re on my side of the Theism / Non-believer line, you’ll probably find a lot to laugh at.

Of course, it wouldn’t be very funny if Islamic radicals slaughtered Jeff or me for our blasphemy. No, not funny at all.