Homeopathy / Kookiness / LGBT · March 2, 2007

Is Michael Savage a closeted, self-hating homosexual?

That savage radio “entertainer” kook who was born Michael Alan Weiner has once again viciously attacked the LGBT community with his ravings, claiming that the “Liberal Elite” are brainwashing the country.

Look out! Black Helicopters!

Is it wrong to feel schadenfreude when Dr. Savage screws up as royally as he just did? The other day he was ranting about gay parenting and Melissa Etheridge’s acceptance speech at the Academy Awards:

I don’t like a woman married to a woman. It makes me want to puke. How’s that? I want to vomit when I hear it. I think it’s child abuse.

I want to puke when I hear about a woman married to a woman raising children because, frankly, I think that it’s child abuse to do that to children without their permission. What does a child know? Ask them when they’re 16 whether they want to be raised by two lesbians or two men. What are the two men doing behind the other wall? You think the children don’t hear it?

Well, the day after that rant, Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency signed Savage on as one of their clients. Oddly enough Melissa Etheridge is another current CAA client. Two days after signing Savage, the CAA dropped him faster than a homophobe would drop a plastic dildo. The talent and literary agency is arguably the most powerful such agency in all of show business, their two commandments are to be a team player and return phone calls promptly.

I get the feeling that Weiner isn’t considered a team player. I’ll bet his calls aren’t being returned by the CAA. Too frelling bad.

Weiner has a doctorate in “nutritional ethnomedicine” from U. C. Berkeley. His 1978 dissertation documents his conviction that herbal healers in South Pacific island nations have traditional herbal medicine that can treat modern ailments. His research on the sedative kava kava became the basis for his doctorial research.

Unfortunately the good Doctor’s research took a quick turn into kookiness when he started advocating the use of Homeopathic remedies to go with his plant research.

Weiner’s homophobic rants about the gay community can be seen in a much different light after you read the 1996 study by Researchers at the University of Georgia that showed cases of sexual arousal by homophobes who viewed gay porn. Perhaps this study isn’t any indication that Savage is really a self-loathing homosexual, but I think his advocacy of coffee enemas raises more than a few questions, as does his semi-autobiographical 1983 book “Vital Signs” which is about a New York Jewish man who fights his homosexual inclinations.

I’m just waiting for the good doctor to emulate Ted Haggard’s homosexual escapade. Could happen any day now.

I could so make crude puns about Weiner’s family name at this point, but that would be like nuking fish in a barrel.