MetaBlogging / Minutiae / religion · April 23, 2007

Meta-Blog – a little spring cleaning.

First, before I begin, I’d like to point out that I’ve re-arranged the essays on the right-hand bar. I hope you all enjoy them.

Second, I’d like to point out a new addition, “Mind Hacking God” in where I try to point out that the overwhelming feeling of God’s presence isn’t necessarily an indication that he actually exists. As I point out in that essay, people in other religions also feel the presence of their God(s). (And this Atheist has also re-created those feelings!)

Last, I’ve received an email asking what happened to the “Creation Challenge”. I apologize, but challenges in my personal life have kept it on the back burner. I’ve never stopped with it, but it is going very slowly. I’ve read Jonathan Well’s book, “Icons of Evolution” and tore it up from the standpoint of faulty reasoning and poorly made arguments, and now I’m (slowly) learning why his arguments also don’t work in Biology. Dr. Wells has made a few points that I will concede, but that in no way saves his original premise.

It doesn’t help that the local University library is torn up for rennovation. Ah well, I can still get the books I need when I order them through intra-library loan.