Atheism · November 16, 2007

And then the Marine punched out the Atheist Professor…

My life has been very busy lately, so I’ve been hiding from the world a little – and will probably continue to do so for the next couple of weeks.

However, my friend Scientiae, over at WickedEye’s Quotient, has penned a small rant that I think deserves the notice of my readers.

It’s based upon one of those oh-so common “humorous” stories with an Atheist at the punchline. In this case, the punchline is very literal, and the Atheistic college professor with a membership in the ACLU is punched out by a God lovin’ patriotic Marine.

Stereotype much?

Scientiae, a Law student (and a Med student too! Holy IPU Ma’am! How do you do it??) walks through the story and remarks on the qualities that are denigrated in this lovely example of religious patriotic glurge. She points out that these are the same qualities that were actually lauded by the religious in times past.

Freedom of speech, protests in the favor of human rights, and protests against violence in the service of ideology – these are the qualities that this story labels as “Atheistic”.

Go read Scientiae’s blog entry on this.