Atheism / Challange / Kookiness / religion · January 23, 2008

Reading Ray Comfort

As part of my effort to expand my knowledge of religious apologetics, and add to my personal library, I’ve just received a used copy of Ray Comfort’s 1990 book, “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists.”

No, I don’t expect this to profoundly change my life. And from reading Comfort’s blog, I expect the book to contain little in the way of reasoning or logic.

Still, I want to see what he has to say.

First impressions from cracking the book – oversized text with average words per page of about 250. My eyesight is really really poor, but I think I could read this book without my glasses. It’s almost a Reader’s Digest Large Text version.

If Comfort used a normal font I think he could condense this 200 page book down to a 50 page booklet that would be cheap enough to give away for free instead of charging $12 a copy.

But I spent a lot less than $12. I spent about a dollar, plus another $3 in shipping.

I’ve been ordering other books too, from other conservative religious writers. I haven’t forgotten my original challenge, I’ve been reading books and writing copious notes in the margins, and making notes on my PC. At some point I expect several essays to fall out of these.