Atheism · April 5, 2008

Debate at Fresno Pacific University

Thursday was the debate between me and New Covenant youth pastor Loren Pankratz. It was a very bright and sunny day, so any tan I got was from the sun. Just the sun. Right?

I want to thank all the secular people that showed up for the debate. I was pleasantly surprised at just how many non-believers and skeptics were there.

I do have audio for the debate. I’ve taken the time to clean it up a bit and add some production value to it. By the time I finished, I involved people from three different states and turned it into a finished podcast! This is our first!

So here’s the link to the very first CVAAS podcast, of the FPU debate. This audio is licensed Creative Commons by-nc.

I got to meet a lot of really gracious people, and I also met Loren’s very lovely, and very pregnant wife too. (Congrats you two!)

I also met Zack, from Central Valley Skeptics at the debate. After the debate finished, he and I were surrounded by some very sharp people who kept us on our toes with questions and apologetics, but frankly – it was too much from too many all at once. I’m happy to talk with people, but not as a tag-team event.

Zack took the photo. That’s me on the left, and Loren on the right.

Afterwards Zack and I made our escape, found a Panda Express, and traded ideas. Thanks for the ideas and encouragement Zack! I’m looking forward to working with you.

So who won? heh. Don’t look at me! It’s been so long since I spoke publicly, I’m just happy I didn’t fall off the stage.

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If the above links don’t work, you can also try This Link to the audio. It does require a free registration on the CVAAS website.