Possummomma update – and a note to the Gosselin fan club

Possummomma left a comment at Berlzebub’s Inferno blog. You can read it in full here.

The gist of the comment is that she probably won’t blog on her “Atheist in a Minivan” blog again. Whether it will be set to public or not is yet to be seen.

As for Possummomma’s children. They are doing well. I understand that they’re disturbed by everything that has happened. But I got to see the photos from P3’s birthday, and it seems to me that Pmomma’s children are thriving. But from meeting Pmomma and her husband I know that I could not expect anything less.

And I’ve got a message for all of you Gosselin fan clubbers.

I find your cult-like behavior and single-minded hatefulness to be disturbing. I used to know people like you in High School – the cliquish “inner circle” of plastic socialites who out of preverse pettiness determined who could and who could not join the glee club.

What you’ve done is wrong. And you’ve done it out of willful stupidity. I can only assume that the hours you’ve spent in front of a television have resulted in some impairment.

Do yourselves a favor. Put down the television remote control, and go outside. Get away from the poisonous atmosphere of your little clique. Go to the library and read a good book.

I recommend, “Lord of the Flies“.