Politics · November 5, 2008

“It’s the deep breath before the plunge”

Because of the group that I lead, I subscribe to a LOT of religious newsletters. I easily get 30 emails a day from religious conservative groups.

Yesterday there was a final flurry of emails – I got over a hundred.

From the hour the news announced Obama’s win, until almost noon today – the email was silenced. It was the calm before the storm.

Now I’m getting a small trickle of email that mostly blames McCain for not playing “dirty” enough in the campaign. Tony Perkins (a James Dobson protege) today said that McCain lost because he took “the high road”. A couple of religious groups have started up with a circular firing squad of blame.

But I think that the trend that will emerge is that of American Decency Association Bill Johnson – Johnson has told his followers that (Christians) were “taken to the woodshed” by God“. The loss of congressional seats and of the Presidency, the failure of Christian laws and amendments across the USA were all, according to Johnson, the result of God “removing his protection” from America.

This theme seems to be catching on today. Only time will tell if it will dominate. I expect that like-minded people will form a hard-core and well organized opposition to President Obama, and will continue to work toward their goals.

I also think that yesterday signals the start of a schism between fundamentalist Republicans and “old school” Republicans. The Republican party was hijacked. Their original goals of a smaller government, lower spending, lower taxes, and the encouragement of capitalism were replaced with a bloated government, increased spending, and a business model which rewarded big business and rescued them from their failures while at the same time forcing small businesses to dry up and go under.

Some Republicans remember what it meant to be Republican, and they want their party back.

Speaking as a Democrat, as an ex-Republican, I’m also wary.

I’ll be watching Obama closely, “with ‘bated breath”, and hoping against all odds that he doesn’t mess up. He made me care again. He made me hope. If he screws that up I’ll be more than disappointed. I don’t want to see another Jimmy Carter Democrat in office.

Obama, you made me respect you, trust you, and love you. You made me proud again – don’t screw it up. If you break my heart I will kick you to the curb.