Humor / Personal · November 19, 2009

Now my day is all messed up!

My phone rang

“This is Mark in Engineering, how can I help you?”

A really sexy sounding voice with a French accent responded.

“Hallo? I need you badly. Ze, ah… ah.. thing is… Hallo? Hallo?”

“Hello, I’m here.”

“Yes, ah… zat THING has ah… ah… ah…zat thing… you know?” She emphasized “thing” with a sort of horrid fascination, like she’d found a particularly fascinating and disgusting mouse. The weird part was that even incoherent, the sex appeal in her voice was hitting me at a very visceral level. It annoyed me.

“Hallo? Hallo? Are you zere?”

“Yes I’m here.” I let my annoyance leak into my voice just a bit. “What can Engineering help you with?”

“Engineering?” Even confused, she still managed to make the word sound exotic, fascinating, and full of soft susurrations. “Engineering? I zon’t need Engineering. I need Finance!”

“Well this is Mark in Engineering.”

“Ah! Zo, can you ah… ah… throw… ah… you know? To Finance?”

“You mean transfer your call?”

“Yes! Zat is it! Please transfer me,” she said in a pleading tone. She pronounced “transfer” with a long ‘a’ and soft ‘z’ and ‘v’ sounds. It was the sexiest word I’ve heard in years.

“I’ll see what I can do.” I hit the ‘XFER’ button on my phone, brusquely cutting off her thanks. I looked up Finance in the online directory and sent the call on.

Why am I writing about it now? Because that darned sexy voice is going to be rattling in my head all morning and ruining my concentration.