Personal / Won chong · April 20, 2010

Ob-La-Di – and all the rest of that…

Wow, has it been over a month since my last blog entry?

This month has been very healing for me. I’m becoming comfortable in my own home. I’m getting out and doing things for myself. I read, work in my woodshop, and go to work. I’m glad I have CVAAS, but I’m starting to look at becoming active in other groups too.

I’m trying to learn how to juggle my activities now. Now if you invite me somewhere I’m likely to whip out my phone and pencil you into my personal calendar.

Won is still on my mind, but there is very little pain now unless I allow myself to dwell on our life together.

I’m making plans. I should be able to buy the pickup truck I want sometime in September. I’ll move out of our apartment after Thanksgiving. (I’ll start looking for my new place when I get my truck!)

I still have so much to do. I have so many nick-nacks and stuff that no longer has any value to me that I need to get rid of. It’s discouraging. I’m keeping those things that have meaning to me. Many of the pretty items that Won bought had value only to her… the wire peach tree with leaves and fruit made from carved jade is very expensive, but doesn’t mean as much to me as the ugly little cup that she made with her own hands in pottery class. The jade tree is up for sale… the cup – no way!

And I’ve had it hinted to me that maybe I need to go on a date. Perhaps. But not just yet.