“America has spoken!”

“America has spoken!”

prison-370112_1280This morning I’ve seen this phrase echoed on the Facebook pages of a few of my friends and family members, accompanied with exclamation points, smiley faces, and other celebration. They are not all happy that Trump won, only that Clinton lost. It seems to me that many Trump voters see Trump as the lesser of two evils, someone who can be contained or trained or maybe ignored.

“America has spoken!”

I’ve seen the same sentiment this morning on Twitter – sometimes in the same words – from Christian Nationalist and white supremacists. As the election results became inevitable last night I got curious and I started watching Stormfront’s online forum. Stormfront is a white supremacist neo-Nazi community.

As the election wound down the members of that community were at first unbelieving. But as the election was called they started celebrating. A blow against the non-whites in America had been struck! White nationalism now has a mandate! They started making plans to celebrate openly, and start moving even more openly while warning each other to be careful of non-white on white violence in reaction to the vote.

But we already knew that white supremacy, the “alt-white”, was going mainstream. Take Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute introduction at the “secret” press conference at Willard Hotel in downtown Washington on Friday, September 9th – from that we learned that the legitimacy that Trump gave to white nationalists allowed them to come out from the shadows, no matter who won this election. On the weekend of October 21-23, the European nationalist organization Europa Terra Nostra, arranged the “Freedom Congress” in northern Germany with speakers from around the world, including the USA, to speak on the topic of, “Reconquest or doom” – which concentrated on finding methods and “solutions” forward toward white nationalism.

Even if Clinton had won, we would be facing much of these same xenophobic ideas – that race and religion matter, and that if you don’t belong to the right race or religion, then you don’t belong in America. Even if Trump acts to, “heal the divide” these people are going to act.

Spencer and others are very open and outspoken about this. Spencer, who coined the term “Alt-Right”, believes that non-white Americans should just leave America. And he, along with a lot of other people, are planning to all they can to help that process along.

“America has spoken!”

This didn’t just happen. It is only that until now, the underbelly of America has had to hide in the shadows or face disapproval from the left, and from “paleo-conservatives” as Spencer would call them. The ideas of equality that are enshrined in our Constitution cannot be easily warped to exclude some Americans without some mental gymnastics.

And this isn’t only about white nationalism. There are plenty of people who voted for Trump merely because they bought into the narrative that Clinton is an evil person. Demographics show that those who were educated and/or well informed voted for her, and those who were poorly educated and informed, didn’t. And now we have a president who will go on trial for fraud before the New Year.

And the left has to assume some responsibility for the election of President Trump.  Democrats have a track record of pulling defeat from the jaws of victory, and this is another example of that.  The “Never Hillary” crowd worked unwittingly together with those who were unenthusiastic or apathetic.  Their actions show that they really didn’t care who won.

So, what is next?

Here’s what will not happen. Trump has made campaign promises that he absolutely cannot accomplish and that we can ignore. It will be amusing if he attempts them and perhaps could result in a new President Pence. For example, a 1,200 mile wall that is 30 feet high and separates Mexico from America, that Mexico pays for? Unless Trump plans to go to war with Mexico, that isn’t going to happen. America could possibly pay for such a wall. It should only cost about as much as the war in Afganistan.

Another example – bringing back manufacturing jobs to America. This is flatly impossible to do across the board. He may be able to bring back a few, but the days of America being a manufacturing powerhouse are over due to the simple fact of global economics.

It may be possible for Trump to repeal Obamacare. But his promise to “replace it with something better” will not be carried out. And if he can’t repeal it within the first two years, then it is doubtful that he will ever be able to do so. But the Affordable Care Act’s recent increase in price has made it a more attractive target to both the right and the left.

Personally, I think that Republicans are going to be watching for a chance to throw Trump under the bus and impeach him. Or they will use his emotions to control him. I see three possible outcomes of a Trump presidency. A petulant Trump who screams about wanting to accomplish things and being blocked by everyone. A puppet Trump who goes on living a wealthy and comfortable life while he outsources the presidency. Or President Pence. Of all of those, I’m fearful the most of a President Pence. He holds much of the same ideas as Trump, and gets much of the same support. But in contrast, he’s an effective insider.
“America has spoken!”

The vipers have come out; the rocks have been flipped over and the evil underneath has been exposed. Those people who just want to watch America burn are making popcorn, and pulling up a chair. And the xenophobic and the ignorant and the uninformed are cheering.

We’ve got them right where we want them now.