Politics · September 8, 2005

Let’s play, “Blame the Victim!”

I know you’re sick of hearing how Bush screwed up by sending the Guard who were supposed to be available to help in New Orleans to Iraq instead. It’s just lies that this was a desperate attempt on Bush’s part to stave off drafting people into regular Active Duty military. We should just ignore reports that the Canadian military is better organized than our own.

I know you’re tired of hearing how the American military is so overwhelmed that even the Mexico military can compete with them in terms of giving aid..

And the stories about how the Army Corp of Engineers couldn’t take proper care of the levies around New Orleans due to a lack of funding or due to pork funding of non-related projects are just a bunch of crap.

Of course, FEMA’s lack of money and incompetence are also a bunch of BS – we should be as proud of FEMA director Michael Brown as Bush is.

It’s time to hear the real story – how the sorry sots in New Orleans did this to themselves. How these lazy, welfare sucking scum couldn’t be bothered to follow a mandatory evacuation order. There’s absolutly no reason for these people to stay!

They really had no excuse – the New Orleans mayor had plenty of school busses to evacuate the desperatly poor people of the city in time before the levies broke.

But instead of leaving, these awful people just lie around doing nothing, or go out looting businesses, while the local police make their rounds to do all the hard work of maintaining order. It’s their own fault if the citizens don’t follow the law!

I understand how furious you must be that we, the honest taxpayer, are being made to give these welfare scum their own Macy’s credit cards.

It really sucks that these people are then given luxury better than anything they’ve had before – a ‘hand-out’ – it’s no wonder Barbara Bush said it is, “Working very well for them.”

This whole disaster – it is so obviously the fault of the people of New Orleans.

It’s a good thing we have Conservative Republicans to keep our stories straight in all of this!

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[ For the clueless – before jumping on my heartlessness, learn to recognize sarcasm.]