religion · February 23, 2006

How many other ministers are “in on the secret?”

I found this while doing my weekly browse over in Post Secret. I love that site; I like the glimpse of people’s soul. (No, I’m not becoming religious! Just poetic!)

You know, I wondered about this. If a minister, preacher, priest, or other holy person has trained his whole life to enter his profession, then what does he do if (when) he figures out that it is all a lie?

Who does he talk to? Are other priests ‘in’ on the secret too? What if he starts wondering if it is all a lie to provide people with a living – or a way to become wealthy and powerful.

Does he give it all up and start telling the truth, like Dan Barker? Or does he realize how powerful he has become and keeps milking it for all it’s worth, like James Dobson?

Maybe he goes a little nutty with the money and power, and starts to believe in his own divinity – like Pat Robertson.

Some people look at religions and get jealous of all that money and power and decide to start their own religion – like L. Ron Hubbard.

If you want to give it a try yourself, you can always get ordained, like me! No belief, or money, required!