Challange · March 21, 2006

ID & Creation Science CHALLENGE!

The other day I responded that ID is not science in the Blogging Sundance blog. Of course a chorus of ID supporters have jumped on me in the belief that “militant religious atheists” have some sort of agenda.

There are some very vocal people at the Sundance blog who claim that if I only consider THEIR facts, watch THEIR movie, or read THEIR book that I will, of course, see the error of my ways and abandon my irrational thinking.


Yes, I said okay.

I challenge any ID / Creation Science supporters out there to suggest to me via email (or as comments to this post) the most devastating ID book or movie that shakes the foundations of Evolution.

I will read or watch the recommended material, and then will then prove that I’ve done so by writing a report or critique on each book I’ve read or movie I’ve seen.

I will ask for a couple of reasonable conditions.

My first condition is that I only promise to read 5 books, and watch 3 movies. I say this because my time is limited, and I have a great deal of work-related reading that I already do. (I also have 413 books in my Amazon Wish List that I’d rather read instead; but maybe I’ll get hooked on ID books and start adding them to my wish list too.)

My next condition is that I need good recommendations for books or movies. I’m looking for quality Intelligent Design books that I can find in the library – I’m not interested in reading some rabid ID’er’s “irrefutable proofs” in his blog – I want something written by the Big Names in the field.

Yes, I can find ‘big name’ books myself – that’s not the point. I want suggestions from ID’ers so I can’t be blamed for stacking the deck in my favor. This also gives ID supporters the chance to direct my reading.

My last condition is that I pay no money for any book or movie. I’m saving my money to pay for my hobby addictions upgrade my home woodshop, spend on my robotics hobby, and of course to purchase from my Amazon Wish list. If I can’t find your recommendation in my local library, then I’m afraid I won’t be able to oblige.

The Fresno library is pretty decent though – Fresno allows for intra-library loans throughout a large part of California. You can even check the Fresno Library to see if a book is available, so there’s no way I could give you the run-around about something not being available.

(If someone out there would like to send me a book or movie as a present, I would gladly accept and I would also be much more predisposed to read or watch it. I don’t care if it’s used – you can even send me that book you use to keep your desk from wobbling. If someone would like to do this, then please send me an email.)

That’s it. That’s all I ask. Let the ID supporters and Creationists suggest what I should read or watch.

Now here’s what I will do in return.

On finishing a book or movie, I promise to write a book report / critique of what I have read or seen. I promise that it will at least be 2000 words in length, and that I will reference anything that I bring up as a refutation, explanation, or agreement. This will be a college-level critique, with a bibliography of my references. I’ll post it in HTML format in my blog, and I’ll archive it as a downloadable PDF file and post a link to it in my blog.

What a deal!

Not only do you get to make an Atheistic Evolution supporter read (or watch) your ID material, you also get to make me slave over a book critique that will actually prove that I’ve read your ‘ultimate proof of Intelligent Design.’

There’s an added bonus – if you don’t like what I’ve written in my report, you’ll get to tell me what a dolt I am in the comments to the report in my blog. Neat huh?

Once I get at least 10 different people making suggestions, I’ll blog a listing of suggested materials that I’ve received and will start trying to figure out which one I’ll read / watch first. I’ll ask for advice in determining what my top choices will be.

I’m really sticking my neck out with little or no return to me for what I’m promising. I’m both dreading, and excited about the reading and research required for each report.

Start sending me suggestions now, and you can force a Darwinist / Atheist to read and report on your favorite ID book!