Culture / religion / Secular Humanism · April 18, 2007

God for sale – Cheap!

Since the local progressive radio station has gone off the air, I’ve been listening to downloaded progressive podcasts digitally in my car. Still, I like local news too and have used my radio to search it out.

About a week ago I came across the Christian station KCIV in Fresno, part of the Bott Radio Network. I’ve listened to this station from time to time in the past – I’ve called it the “All preaching, all the time” network before. And I’ve mentioned this network before on my blog. (Link1, link2) I never stuck around on this frequency because the preachers are exceptionally, vapidly, stupid, and I would usually end up yelling at the radio. I have a low tolerance for willful stupidity.

But for some reason last week I stuck around and kept listening. Perhaps I’ve developed something of a stupidity immunity, or perhaps I’m just taking the broadcast as a radio comedy show. I find it amusing that religious people who would say that I take Bible quotes out of context are the same people who stitch together unrelated passages from the Pentateuch, from Matthew and from Revelations in order to drive home their own specific form of ideology. And on the Bott Radio Network the ideology is the “Prosperity Gospel”. If you have enough faith, and give enough, you’ll be rewarded by God – even in this life.

And to really drive this message home, the preachers on the Bott Network practice what they preach. Every sermon comes with offers for CDs, pamphlets, books, and a multitude of other products – made by and advertised by each show’s host. People joke about Dr. Phil touting his own books during his television program, but poor Dr. Phil can’t hold a candle to the salesmen / preachers who peddle their own line of Bible-study products, daily prayer planners, self-help books, tapes and CDs, and various other items – this on top of requests for tithing and donations.

Isn’t this embarrassing to the Christian community? Hasn’t anyone realized that the Bott Network has become a, “Den of Thieves”? (Luke 19:45-46)

Christians are much too worried about Secular Humanists like me eroding or attacking their religion– from what I hear on the radio airwaves, you guys are doing just fine on your own.