Kookiness · April 19, 2007

Limbaugh also whores Virgina Tech. What a surprise.

You know, I think I’ll stop talking about Tragedy Whores after mentioning that Rush Limbaugh has whored the Virginia Tech tragedy. It’s just too sad – and besides, my Irony Meter just exploded.

I mean, c’mon – Rush Limbaugh? This is the guy that plays down the dangers of the Iraq War to our servicemen and women, this is that “pillar” of the moral community, a multiple divorcee who enjoys sex tourism?

Hearing Rush advocate more religion in schools is kind of like listening as the Pope explains the proper way to perform cunnilingus. At any moment I expect Rod Serling to step out and announce that George Carlin is joining Scientology.

Like I said, I give up. I won’t point out any more Tragedy Whores. We all know ’em when we see ’em – and they want the attention. I can’t slap their hands, so I’ll ignore ’em. That’s painful to them because they’re all attention whores too.