Minutiae · May 9, 2007

Moderation is turned back on, thanks to Gilbert

Everyone, today I’d like you to meet Gilbert. If that’s his real name. Gilbert likes to comment spam my blog and leave links to his favorite business, the “Best Books Reviewed” website. I asked Gilbert not to spam my blog. I even said “please”. But Gilbert had to do it again. In the same thread, even!

Maybe Gilbert isn’t a person, maybe he’s a ‘bot – it wouldn’t surprise me that ‘bots are sophisticated enough to pass a “human” test. But that’s worse, it means the book review website is using shady practices to drum up business.

I like books. I have several bookshelves of books, including a whole shelf of bibles and study guides of various flavors. I buy from Amazon, Borders, and even the local Christian bookstore. (Christian bookstores don’t cause Atheists to burst into flame upon entry. )

So please realize that when I call this particular book review web site a bunch of jerks that I’m not doing so because I’m an Atheist – I’m doing so because, well, they’re a bunch of jerks.

And this means turning on the comment moderation. If you feel like you’d like to complain about that, or to thank Gilbert, go ahead.

Oh, and Best Books – I linked to your website. You’re welcome.