Atheism / Technology · May 13, 2007

The many flavors of Christianity

There are Christians out there that are concerned about saving my soul. Some of them are friends of mine, some of you have just read my words on the ‘net. Most of you are very kind, a few are not. Besides the salvation of my soul most of you have one thing in common.

You don’t agree with each other.

Is there a hell, or are we just ‘separated’ from God? There is disagreement. Is Divorce (and remarriage) allowed, or is it not? There is disagreement. Is the universe 14 billion years old (give or take several billions) or is it closer to thousands of years old, and made in mere days. There is disagreement.

What is the path to salvation, and what keeps you off of that path? Sadly, for this most important of questions, you disagree.

I point out in my blog the extreme interpretations of Christian text and myth held by a portion of Christians to show that I’m bombarded with advertising from different Christian groups selling their particular Christian flavor.

The original Gospels, vitally important to today’s Christians, are lost. They were translated into Greek, copied, and the copies sent out to other cities to be copied. As they were copied, city by city, each new copy gained, or lost, text. Christian scholars think that they’ve compensated for this, but other Christian scholars don’t believe that the original text is knowable.

This is a problem for those Christian sects who believe that the Bible is inerrant. It is even a problem for liberal denominations – how can you give instructions for salvation if you can’t vouch for the validity of those instructions? It’s like one of those ridiculously translated instruction books for a Chinese product bought off of Ebay, only worse since the text was copied during a game of “Telephone”.

Christians disagree about what different passages mean. Others disagree about the validity of different passages. When non-Christians point out the conflict between Christian interpretations, they are attacked by believers on all sides.

When you guys get your stories straight, get back to me, okay?