Minutiae · October 30, 2007

Book Recommendation – His Dark Materials

If you haven’t read the “His Dark Materials” then you are missing out. Did you like “Lord of the Rings”? How about “Chronicles of Narnia”? Then the chances are good that you’ll like Phillip Pullman’s trilogy.

I’ve read the trilogy, and was fascinated by it. I know there are people making a fuss over the fact that the books were written by an Atheist, and that they make the Catholic church look bad. But try to put that aside and read them for the story that they are.

After all – if an Atheist like myself can keep re-reading Narnia and enjoying it, why can’t a religious person read other sorts of fiction?

Oh! And for those of you who would rather see a movie than read a book, the first “Dark Materials” book, “The Golden Compass” is coming out as a movie on the 7th of next month.

Here’s the trailer:

19 Nov 07 – updated
I removed the trailer in order to improve the bandwidth of my blog. You can still see it at “The Golden Compass” website.