Atheism / CVAAS / Minutiae · July 16, 2008

Diversity at work

I mentioned last week that I’m out as an Atheist at work. My coworkers in my Engineering department all know I’m atheist, but there is a good chance that no one else at work knows about my personal philosophy.

My company sent out a mass communication yesterday that it is sponsoring its first ever, “Diversity Week” in August. This is something that would never have happened under our previous owners, who were all older white men. Our new owners are European, and have a more liberal outlook, so I guess it isn’t a surprise.

The communication, which came to those in our department as an email, stated that our company would celebrate the diversity of cultural heritage and philosophies, and hinted at religious diversity too.

So in an email response, I asked for a clarification. Did our company intend to celebrate ALL diversity, including different churches, religions, and sexual identity? I wanted to clarify religion because the original communication was wishy-washy on that. And I tossed in sexual identity because places that accept LGBT lifestyles will usually accept Secular lifestyles.

Today I got a very firm response. Yes, diversity included ALL religions and sexual identities of our employees.

So, now I have a slight dilemma. As president of the only secular / skeptical organization in Fresno, I have a great opportunity to teach a couple of thousand coworkers about secular based morals. I also have a great opportunity to rock the boat that I’m in, make waves, and subject myself to scrutiny that I don’t currently feel.

Our group could host a table for a day, or not. I’m not sure what to do about that. Any ideas?

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