Grandma’s in Hell, but I’m in Heaven so I just don’t give a damn!

I carry a feed from Jeff Swenson’s “Freethunk” cartoon on the right of my blog. Freethunk has been a reliable source of amusement for me, while riffing on the common questions that Atheists ask religious people.

I noticed that the latest cartoon riffs on a question that I’ve written of before – the question of the problem with Heaven. How can can you enjoy an eternity in Heaven knowing that someone you love is condemned to an eternity in Hell?

From my original entry on this subject, Heaven Full of Sorrow:

As a parent you die and end up in Heaven. Your beloved child (or children) dies (eventually) and ends up in Hell. Your child wasn’t evil, just a non-believer. She or he was a loving, good person – but due to a lack of faith or belief, or just not making the grade, she or he is doomed to Hell for the rest of eternity.

The question is: How can you enjoy your eternity in Heaven knowing that your beloved child or children are being punished for the rest of eternity? Won’t it haunt you to know that they are in a “lake of fire” or in whatever punishment you believe they are being subjected?

How can it be Heaven if you feel sorrow, pain, regret, panic and despair over the punishment of your child?

Those without children can’t get out of this so easily – replace “Child” with “Parent” or “Loved one”.

Or spouse.

Even if you have no one, even if you’ve managed to gain no friends, and never knew your family before you died and ascended to Heaven, won’t the inherent good in you result in your eternal mourning over those lost souls?

Pardon my hyperbole, but how can anyone enjoy teatime in Heaven knowing that their tea is boiled over burning sinners in a lake of fire?

Maybe Christians are made of sterner stuff than am I. Maybe I’m just being a wimp when I say that knowing my loved ones are in Hell would make Heaven an eternal Hell for me. Maybe spending eternity in Heaven puking my guts out in horror would be a poor way to repay God for my salvation.

It is a good thing I don’t believe in Hell. The thought of good people going to Hell at the whim of a jealous, vindictive God, merely because they lacked belief in God, is abhorrent. It would clearly demonstrate the moral bankruptcy of such a God.

The cartoon is funny – the concept behind it is morally repugnant.