Atheism / Freethought / pensée / Skepticism · September 26, 2008

Kafirgirl Tattoos

If you’re coming here to see what tattoos Kafirgirl is talking about… I don’t have any photos!

And although Kafirgirl promised ME a photo, I won’t promise that YOU, my readers, will get to see. I won’t post her photo online unless I’m given a very clear instruction to do so. If you want a photo of her tattoos, it is up to you to go to her blog and beg her nicely. She may or may not show you, at her whim. No promises.

However, I can show you the images that she is talking about. Here it is, based upon my “fleur de pensée“, or “flower of thought” symbol. The flower of thought, or Pansy, has been a symbol of Freethought since 1885, and is arguably the oldest secular symbol in America. It’s still used by the Freedom from Religion Foundation even now.

I turned the symbol into an icon, inspired by the “fleur de lis” of my boyscout days. Kafirgirl has taken the symbol and turned it into a monshō, or Japanese crest.

Like any atheist or secular symbol, some will hate it, and some will love it. If you like it, say so! And if you don’t – well, I guess I have to live with that.

Update 27 Sept 08
KG sent me a pic of the tattoo. It looks great, and I must say I’m humbled by the compliment that Kafirgirl has paid me by liking this symbol enough to commit it to her skin.