Personal / Won chong · January 3, 2010

The grief comes in waves

This is the worst thing I’ve ever had to write.

My wife, Won Chong Boyd, has died.

She was in Korea visiting friends. I just got the news early this morning. I’ve been scrambling to make the arrangements to fly there either tomorrow or on Tuesday. I’m oscillating between numb and grief.

Won was a very private person with lots of medical problems. She did not like me to talk about her online. My deconversion from Christianity shook her faith, and for a time she was deist / agnostic. In the last year, with my support and encouragement, she had returned to the church – a much more liberal, accepting form of Korean church from that she used to attend. And I’m the President of CVAAS. We were okay with that.

She had an artificial heart valve and diabetes. She stayed active, but her health was fragile, something we’ve learned to live with. She had a heart attack and died en route to the Red Cross hospital in Seoul.

Grief is a very private thing, and normally I would not write about it this quickly. But I want to get the word out to my friends, and I would appreciate the help of my friends and readers.

This was a trip that I had long promised Won that she could make. We stretched financially for this trip. And now I go to take care of her one more time. But bills are due. Such a stupid, mundane thing. I’ve never asked for charity before, so this is difficult.

If you would like to help, here is a button for you. Thank you in advance.


I’m still a private person. If you would like to send cards or letters of sympathy, you can do so to “Mark Boyd, Care Of [REMOVED]”. This is a mail drop, please do not send flowers here.

As I said, Won did go to church. If you would like to send flowers you may do so to “[REMOVED]“.

Comments here are open. For those of you who are religious, I would be flattered with whatever positive expression you care to make, religious or otherwise. For those of you who are secular, I ask only for your continued support and friendship.