Uncategorized · January 19, 2011

Dripping of hate

Sometimes when I have a little time I write in the comments section of the Fresno Bee.  The local religious opinion is too often unopposed by anyone who is not religious, unopposed by those who require evidence before stating something as a fact.  I have no illusions that I will change the minds of others commenting there, but perhaps I can help plant a seed of rationality of anyone else reading.

Recently, one person commenting said that my blog “drips of hate for Christians and our God.”

Hate?  Really?  Prone to hyperbole much?

I don’t hate “God” any more than I hate the Easter Bunny.  They are fictional characters.  Heck, God isn’t even as real to me as Hello Kitty – at least I can get a plush doll of that.  (And my wife had many!)

What I do “hate” – which in this case means, “disagree with vehemently” – is the religious right’s attempts to hijack America’s laws and Constitution for their own purposes.  What I “hate” is the religious right’s attempts to dehumanize people in order to demonize them. 

But being disagreed with, having your position worked against, this isn’t “hate” – if it were then every politician would be guilty of it.

And I have to wonder… which of my blog postings “drips of hate”? 

Is it when I write about the Christian problem with Heaven?  When I talk about the inherent hypocrisy of the Christian position against same-sex marriage?  When I examine the question of why Christians are breaking the law to flood Iraq with bibles?

Do Christians think I’m hateful because I’ve identified what those feelings of the Holy Spirit were when I was a Christian, and have learned to reproduce them at will?  Are they upset when I tear apart the religious right’s “proof” that abstinence only education is sound science?  Maybe they are threatened at my exposing the inherent religious hypocrisy in “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”?

I know… it’s my approval of student organized, and student led prayer in school that is so “hateful”.  I’m so sorry!

Here’s a clue.  Having a contrary opinion, a different moral philosophy, a different worldview is not “hate”.  Having someone work against your position because they honestly believe it to be incorrect is not “hate”.

But “Hate the sin, love the sinner” does seem, to me, to be a very special form of hatred that discounts a person’s convictions merely because they differ from your own.  This is not a position that I – or any atheist I know – holds.